Back To School Recipes

The first day of school is right around the corner, are you ready? Have you picked up your supplies, back to school clothes, lunchboxes? With a laundry list of things to do who has time to plan dinner? Over at Tom Kelly’s we want to help! The following recipes are easy, healthy, and use low price ingredients.


Pick up a quart of our homemade bruschetta for only $9.95 and make


1 pkg. chicken stove top stuffing

12 oz chicken breast, cubed

1 cup shredded mozz cheese

1 cup Tom Kellys homemade bruschetta

Preheat oven to 400 degrees, and grease 9 x 13 pan.

In medium bowl mix together bruschetta and stuffing mix.  Place Chicken in pan and sprinkle with cheese. Top with stuffing mix.

Cover and bake for 20 min. Remove foil and continue to bake for 10 min.

**Use leftover bruschetta in your salads, paninis, or on top of grilled entrees**


Pick up a quart of our Homemade Chicken Salad for only $9.95:

*Use on your favorite whole grain bread as a healthy sandwich

*Chicken Salad Wraps- mix chicken salad with romaine lettuce, tomato, & mozz cheese in a whole wheat tortilla

*Chicken Club Salad- Top romaine lettuce with bacon, tomatoes, red onion and chicken salad for a light dinner

*Chicken tostadas- Place chicken salad on corn tortillas and top with chili powder, red onion, tomatoes, cilantro & salsa


Pick up a quart of our Homemade Pico De Gallo for only $8.95 to create


4 Tilapia Fillets

2 tsp chipolte seasoning

2 tblspoon butter

1/2 cup shredded monterey jack cheese

Sprinkle both sides of tilapia fillets with chipolte seasoning and salt/pepper.

Melt butter in skillet. Add tilapia and cook 1 1/2-2 minutes on each side until fish is golden brown.

Remove and top with cheese and homemade pico de gallo

**Use leftover pico de gallo as a dip with your favorite tortilla chips or mixed in your morning omelet!


Spice up your summer party by doing half the work!

It happens to everyone, you’re planning a party, you get all the decorations, all the booze, the guest list is finalized, you have the perfect outfit and all that’s left is the menu. Easy right? Who are you kidding? Most people feel completely overwhelmed by trying to decide between catering, potluck or a “do it all yourself:” menu. Fear no more, Tom Kelly’s is here to help! I’ll show you how it’s often the same price if not cheaper to cater your parties and how to choose a unique party menu that will leave your guests bragging about your party for weeks to come!

Let’s face it, everyone’s on a budget nowadays. Even if you’re not, you would be silly not to take advantage of a good deal. A lot of times, restaurants offer deals throughout their slow time, aka summer party time! For example, at Tom Kelly’s not only do we price match our competitors, we offer an additional 15% off throughout the summertime if you mention online or book through our email: We live in an age where competition is prevalent and customer is king, benefit from this! At Tom Kellys our packages start at only $5.99/person. That’s right, $5.99, for kabobs, bruschetta, chicken salad pitas, & pasta salad, plates, silverware, and yet another precious gift: your time! Let’s take a trip to your local grocery store: potatoes $5.00, beef $16.00, onions $5.00, peppers $8.00, case of chicken $15.00, pineapple $4 total : $53.00 divided by 15 people = we’re already up to $4/person, and that’s just the kabobs! Now that you’ve spent an hour cutting up vegetables and driving all over town for skewers all you have left is to make the homemade chicken salad, cut up about a pound of tomatoes for your bruschetta, and boil the water for your pasta salad. You didn’t want to sleep the night before your party anyways right?! Why do that to yourself?! Let me suggest an easier route: Hop in your car, drive to your favorite restaurant (Tom Kelly’s is always a good choice), meet with a manager, who’s life revolves around food, pick out your favorite dishes, pay a deposit, and spend those remaining 2 days you would have spent on cooking on something you really enjoy. Lay out maybe? It is summer after all!! My question to you is, if the price is similar, why put yourself through the extra stress? Why not sit back and enjoy your family, friends, and that party you’ve spent weeks planning? It’s natural, especially for women, to think “I’ll just cook everything myself, it’ll be easier.” Throw this thought process out the window! You’ve already done it all, you picked the guest list, decorated, put the bar together, sent out the invitations & spent your last two days off work cleaning! Just because you cater from a professional shouldn’t make you feel guilty, you’re still planning the food after all!

Ok, now that we’ve decided to let the experts take over, all that’s left is to pick the menu. Easy right? Not always!! Let me be perfectly clear: we UNDERSTAND how daunting it can be to pick a menu. How often do you go to a summertime party and eat the following: fried chicken, mostaccioli, cheesy potatoes & roast beef sandwiches? You DO NOT have to follow suit! Make your party stand out. Often restaurants enjoy preparing a different menu. It lets them be creative, and it makes your party stand out! There are so many ways to spice up your party, here’s a few tips: Want traditional with a twist: Instead of roast beef sandwiches try pulled pork or chicken salad sandwiches. Both are excellent choices for summer time, pulled pork incorporates a BBQ feel and chicken salad is a light alternative in the summer heat. Too drastic? Who says you have to have cheesy potatoes? Why not au gratin or vesuvio potatoes? Instead of a boring tossed salad try an Italian Salad, with spicy peppercinis, ham, black olives, Italian dressing & onions. Want to be totally different? Ditch the typical family style menu all together! Who wants to eat a heavy meal in 100 degree weather anyways? Try smaller lighter menu options: chicken & steak kabobs, mini meatloaf burgers, mini ruebens, a rib tray, & coleslaw!! Allow me to let you in on a secret: People like variety! By offering smaller portions your guests will be able to sample more dishes and enjoy more of a selection!

Moral of the story: It’s summer, you should be enjoying yourself, not stressing over grocery lists and recipe cards. Let the professionals take care of it!

Spring brings……New Deals at Tom Kellys!

May’s finally here! With a new season comes new specials at Tom Kellys!! There’s so many, where to start? If you’re planning your graduation, summer party, let Tom Kellys do all the work! We’ll customize a catering package just for you and your guests. Check out our catering online at From now through September if you book your catering online through email we’ll give you 15% off!! It’s easy, just browse our online guide or stop in to pick up a menu and then email your order to! Simply place “Catering” in the subject line and then email us your order! Feel free to ask any questions, we love customizing orders! We offer the most affordable, tastiest catering in New Lenox!! Don’t forget, Mother’s day is right around the corner! Help Mom put her feet up and relax, we’ll cook all the food, deliver and set it up for you!

Don’t feel like cleaning up after a big party? Bring the party to us!! If you book your graduation, birthday, holiday, or any other kind of summer bash with us for June, July or August we’re offering an ADDITIONAL 10% off our already low package prices!! We’ve also reduced our bar package pricing! Call or email today and ask for Brett or Kelly to get started! These deals are too good to pass up!!

Looking for something to do this weekend, Tom Kellys is the place to be! Starting in May, we’re offering $4 Captain Morgan and Jack Daniels drinks every Friday and Saturday! Don’t worry, we’re keeping all of our great specials through the summer months too:

Monday- 1/2 price 16 inch pizzas, $5 domestic pitchers & 23 oz flavored Long Islands

Tuesday- $9.95 specialty entrees, $3 glasses of wine & $5 domestic pitchers

Wednesday- Steak Rib & Chop night, you can’t beat these deals!! 8 oz filets, full rack of ribs, 20 ounces of porkchops, strip steaks and more for under $13.99!! $5 domestic pitchers & 23 oz flavored long islands!

Thursday- Forget 2 for 1 pasta deals, we’re giving variety on Thursdays! $7.95 FULL SIZE pasta dishes, $2 domestic bottles & pints!!

Friday & Saturdays- $4 captain & jack drinks & weekly dinner specials!

Sunday- $4 import pints & weekly dinner specials!

Monday- Friday $5 lunches till 4! 1/2 pound burgers, tacos, wraps, chicken tenders & more!!


There’s a deal for everyone, come check out the best deals in town!!

Biggest St Pattys Day Bash Yet

WOW!! That’s all we can say, well along with a big THANK YOU!! We just celebrate our 5th and BIGGEST St. Patricks Day Bash to date! We celebrated with the help of Tumbling Dice, Rendition, Bagpipers and close to 1000 of our closest friends on St Patricks Day weekend! It was a great success and a terrific time and it’s all thanks to the best, loyal customers around! We’re looking forward to next year and already have some amazing plans in the process! Can’t wait an entire year for another tent party? No worries, we’re already planning Halfway to St Pattys Day September 14th & 15th. We’ve teamed up with St. Baldricks and hope to raise a record amount to help in the fight against childhood cancer! Suggestions, or want to join in the process? Let us know:

April is here and along with that comes sports, sports and more sports!! Baseball’s here, let’s see who has the best fans, CUBS or SOX? Come check out every game at Tom Kellys! Let’s not forget about our hockey fans: We’re about to start the race for the Stanley Cup!! We may be underdogs but we’re not out! Show the Hawks your support and cheer them on for every game!! Tom Kelly’s was the place to be last year for every game, and we’re ready this year!! We’ll have every game on our tvs and great specials to go along with them! $3 Coronas & Corona lights every day! Not enough action for you? Our #1 seeded Bulls will tackle the playoffs the end of April! Let’s see what D Rose and the Bench Mob can do!

Along with this nice weather April’s bringing, we’re offering Great Food Specials every day during the week! Monday through Friday, get $5 lunches till 4 o’clock! 1/2 pound burgers, delicious tacos, HUGE wraps and more!! Mondays try out one of our FAMOUS pizzas!! Good pizza in an Irish joint? You betcha! Try out the Taco, Supreme, Meat lovers, Margherita, Veggie or create your own for under $10.50! Tuesdays we’re offering all of our Specialty Entrees: Shepard’s Pie, Fish & Chips, Tilapia, Chicken Marsala and more, for only $9.95!! Best night of the week: Wednesday night is Rib, Steak and Chop Night at Tom Kellys!! You have to see these deals in person to believe them:
8 oz filet for only $13.99, Full rack of ribs for $13.99, Strip Steak for $9.99, TWO 10 oz Porkchops for only $10.99!
Finally, Thursdays get dinner for the price of lunch! Full size pasta dishes for only $7.99!! We dare you to try and beat these deals!! We know this economy is rough for everyone, and we want to make dining out affordable for everyone!

Don’t forget, summer parties will be here before you know it! Mothers day, graduation parties, Fathers day and more. Let us do all the work! We’ll create a customized catering package for you! We have the most affordable catering prices in town!!

Whole New Kind of March Madness at Tom Kellys!

When most people think of March Madness, I’m sure basketball hoops and college kids come to mind. Maybe even hectic Easter and Spring break plans, but Tom Kelly’s is bringing a whole new kind of madness to March!!

We’re kicking off the month with our 5 year, that’s right, 5 year anniversary party!! We want to give credit where credit’s due: our amazing customers! Rendition is coming out as a house favorite to entertain all night long! We’ll be offering a $35 drink package! Includes: Domestic draft, TOP SHELF vodka, wine & more! Just want to pop in for a quick bite to eat and say hi? Please do! We’ll have great food specials all day and night long! We know that we’re successful in this tough economy because of our loyal customers and we want to celebrate with each and every one of you!!

How could anyone forget St. Patty’s Day?! We’ll be hosting our 10th tent party this year! It’s guaranteed to be bigger and better than all the previous years! Rendition is back March 16th to kick off the festivities, and Tumbling Dice, the premier Rolling Stones Cover band, will be playing Saturday night! There will be bagpipers, raffles, giveaways, Irish food, and more! Trust us you don’t want to miss this! We’ll have Irish food all day and night, so bring your family for dinner and stay with your good friends to party!

Don’t feel like battling the crowds? No worries, we’ll have full menu carryout available all day and night! Call ahead with your order, we’ll prepare it and have it ready for you to pick up! Having a party of your own? Let Tom Kellys cater! We offer an amazing St. Patty’s day package or you can customize your own!

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about our sports fans! Come watch all your favorite college teams battle it out in the tournament on our 14 plasmas! Drink and food specials available for every game!! Finish off the season by watching the NCAA Championship game April 2nd at TKS! Free halftime buffet, $5 domestic pitchers & 23 oz flavored long islands!! Don’t forget, Bulls & Hawks playoff games are right around the corner. We know where we’ll be watching them, pull up a barstool and cheer them on with us!! Let us cater your parties, you deserve to sit back and relax, we’ll do all the work!

Don’t forget to check out our new quieter dining room! We’ve installed sound dampening tiles to create a cozier experience for all! We offer amazing food and drink specials every day of the week!!

Hot New Menu Items at TomKellys!

Starting this Friday Tom Kellys will be introducing our new menu!

Months in the making, the day has finally arrived! We’ve been listening to your suggestions, and can’t wait to hear what you think.

We’ve added healthier options such as a Grilled Barbeque Chicken Salad, lean Turkey Burger, Grilled Chicken Italiano, & Pesto Chicken Capellini. We’ve spiced it up by adding a brand new 911 burger, juicy blackened Strip & Ribeye steaks & Taco Pizza. We’ve lowered our prices for signature dishes! Hungry for steak? Try our 12 oz buttsteak for only $13.99 everyday or one of our signature chicken dishes as low as $12.99!

This economy has hit us all hard. Tom Kellys wants to help! You deserve a night out & we’ve lowered our prices to accommodate everyone! Mondays are half price pizza night, get a 16 inch Taco Pizza as low as $10.49! Tuesday, we’ve rolled back all of our signature dishes to only $9.99! Wednesday, come enjoy a juicy filet for only $11.99, full slab of ribs for $14.99, porkchops for $10.99 and more! Now that’s a steal! Thursdays, hey it’s almost the weekend, FULL SIZE pasta dishes for only $7.95!

**Along with our remodeled menu we’ve remodeled Tom Kellys as well!! We’ve added sound dampening tiles to create a homier, quiet experience** Let us know what you think!

Hungry but don’t feel like coming out? Let TomKelly’s come to you! We know offer custom catering available for pickup or delivery, check out our menu on our website,